GIRLS TRACK: Como-Pickton Meet, 3-28-19

The Lady Hawks are the Como-Pickton MEET CHAMPIONS!

LOLA POSEY – 1st in 200m Dash, 2nd in 400m, 1st in Triple Jump, 2nd in Long Jump

VICTORIA MILLER – 2nd in 100m Dash, 5th in 200m Dash

LOGAN JACO – 4th in 400m

KYLEE SIMMONS – 3rd in 800m

KEELY CRAWLEY – 1st in Pole Vault, 1st in High Jump, 4th in 800m

MEGAN HANEY – 1st in 3200m Run, 3rd in 1600m Run

LONDON JACO – 5th in 3200m Run

LYNLI DACUS – 1st in 100m Hurdles, 1st in 300m Hurdles, 5th in Long Jump, 5th in Triple Jump

MAKENZIE HAMMONDS – 6th in 100m Hurdles, 6th in 300m Hurdles, 4th in High Jump

TENLEY CONDE – 4th in 300m Hurdles, 6th in High Jump

AALIYAH DAVIS – 1st in Shot Put

JAYCEE CHESHIRE – 2nd in Shot Put, 2nd in Discus

CAROLYN SEARER – 5th in Shot Put

EMILY MOORE – 1st in Discus


4 x 100m RELAY – 1st Place

Elizabeth Hawkins, Makena Warren, Victoria Miller, Lola Posey


4 x 200m RELAY – 2nd Place

Elizabeth Hawkins, Tenley Conde, Madison Haney, Makena Warren


4 x 400m RELAY – 2nd Place

Tenley Conde, Logan Jaco, Lynli Dacus, Keely Crawley

GIRLS TRACK: Grand Saline Meet, 3-21-19

The Lady Hawks placed 3rd in the meet.


Emily Moore – 1st Place

Morgan Jaco – 5th Place

Jaycee Cheshire – 6th Place


Aaliyah Davis – 4th Place


Lola Posey – 5th Place


Lola Posey – 2nd Place

Gracee Morrell – 5th Place


Lola Posey – 4th Place

Victoria Miller – 6th Place


Lynli Dacus – 2nd Place

Lynli Dacus – 4th Place


Keely Crawley – 4th Place

800M RUN

Keely Crawley – 5th Place

Cortney Pope – 6th Place

1600M RUN

Megan Haney – 2nd Place

Kylee Simmons – 5th Place

3200M RUN

Megan Haney – 2nd Place

Kylee Simmons – 3rd Place

London Jaco – 4th Place


Lynli Dacus – 2nd Place

Lynli Dacus – 4th Place

4 X 100M RELAY – 5th Place

Elizabeth Hawkins, Makenzie Hammonds, Gracee Morrell, Lola Posey

4 x 200M RELAY – 4th Place

Elizabeth Hawkins, Tenley Conde, Madison Haney, Makena Warren

4 x 400M RELAY – 2nd Place

Madison Haney, Lola Posey, Lynli Dacus, Keely Crawley

GIRLS TRACK: Dee Mackey Relays, 3-1-19

On Friday, the Lady Hawks Track and Field team competed at the Dee Mackey Relays hosted by Union Grove. The Lady Hawks finished in 6th place out of 20 teams with 53 points.

Highlights of the meet for the Lady Hawks include:
Emi Moore – 1st in the Discus
Jaycee Cheshire – 4th in the Discus
Logan Jaco – 6th in the Shot Put
Lola Posey – 4th in the 100m dash, 2nd in the long jump, 2nd in the triple jump
Lynli Dacus – 6th in the 300m Hurdles
Megan Haney – 3rd in the 1600, 4th in the 3200
Morgan Jaco – 6th in the Discus
4×100 Relay – 5th place (team of Elizabeth Hawkins, Makenzie Hammonds, Savannah Edleman, Lola Posey)
4×200 Relay – 6th place (team of Elizabeth Hawkins, Makena Warren, Logan Jaco, Keely Crawley

BASKETBALL: Lady Hawks vs. Harleton, 1-18-19

The Lady Hawks defeated Harleton 57-40 in district 16-2A action.

Alyssa Eddington led Hawkins with 18 points, 9 rebounds, 4 steals, and 3 assists. Lynli Dacus had a double double with 11 points and 12 rebounds. Emily Moore added 10 points, 7 assists, and 3 steals.

HAWKINS — Alyssa Eddington 18, Lynli Dacus 11, Emily Moore 10, Jaycee Cheshire 5, Christian Harris 5, Logan Jaco 4, Harlie Conover 3, Makena Warren 1

THREE POINT GOALS — HAWKINS: Eddington, Dacus, Conover

BASKETBALL: Lady Hawks vs. Grand Saline, 12-7-18

HAWKINS LADY HAWKS Notch A Win Against Grand Saline

Jaycee Cheshire’s double-double with 24 points and 11 rebounds propelled Hawkins to a 62-58 victory over Grand Saline on Friday.

Lynli Dacus put up two three-pointers and scored 12 points total. Two other players also added ten or more points for Hawkins. Alyssa Eddington scored 13 points and added 7 assists. Also helping the effort for Hawkins were Logan Jaco (8 points, 3 rebounds, 2 steals) and Emily Moore (3 points, 7 rebounds, 1 steal).

HAWKINS — Alyssa Eddington 13, Maraina Clark 2, Logan Jaco 8, Lynli Dacus 12, Emily Moore 3, Jaycee Cheshire 24, Christian Harris 2

THREE POINT GOALS — HAWKINS: Eddington, Dacus(2), Moore; GS: Melton, B.Bolin(5), Stanley


BASKETBALL: Lady Hawks vs. White Oak, 11-19-18


Emily Moore recorded a double-double with 14 points and 20 rebounds which helped propel Hawkins to a 55-40 victory over White Oak on Monday. On a two-pointer from Christian Harris, HAWKINS LADY HAWKS locked down their lead in the third quarter.

Hawkins fell behind early, trailing 27-24 by the half, only to come back hard in the final two quarters. With a late in the game surge, Hawkins sunk 19 points in the final quarter on the strength of a 17-4 run.

Lynli Dacus hit double digits, scoring 12 points for Hawkins. Also helping the effort for Hawkins were Jaycee Cheshire (7 points, 8 rebounds), Alyssa Eddington (7 points, 3 rebounds, 5 steals), Logan Jaco (6 points, 1 rebound, 1 steal), Harris (4 points, 6 rebounds, 2 steals), and Harlie Conover (4 points, 3 rebounds).

HAWKINS — Harlie Conover 4, Alyssa Eddington 7, Logan Jaco 6, Lynli Dacus 12, Emily Moore 14, Jaycee Cheshire 7, Christian Harris 4, Aaliyah Davis 1


JV SCORE — Hawkins 55 White Oak 30

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